Principal's Message

Principal's Message

Activity is the essence of life as it imparts that motion and rhythm which is required to experience and pass through different phases that are bestowed on all living forms on Earth. Any living entity be it plant, mammals belonging to the animal world or the human world are marked for their attribute of being involved in one or the other activity. No activity at all results in rust. A rolling stone gathers no moss is an old proverb which states that those who keep moving never lag and lack for fresh ideas or creativity. This awareness is very well evident in the philosophy of the Brooklynites for they believe that if you rest you rust.

Activity is a blessing in disguise for it brings along with it a multitude of such attributes essential for shaping personalities. Mere involvement in any activity exposes one to an array of procedures required for its completion. And it is during the journey that one undertakes to reach the destination that one learns significant lessons about how to achieve success through well planned efforts and activities. We are all diamonds in waiting - in various stages. Some of us yet to be discovered, some of us yet to be cut, some of us yet to be polished, some of us yet to dazzle and some of us in need of a repolish, which is only possible through practice, passion and perseverance.

Mrs. Manju Grover,
Principal, Brooklyn School